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  • Cassady’s “Monday Funnies” Weekly Email Humor Feature.

    Description: The purpose of this weekly feature is to start the work week off on the right foot with a smile or good laugh. The feature combines written humor with visual humor and sometimes even useful information. It’s been running for over a year and has delighted and helped approximately 135 readers maintain their sanity through humor. (minimum computer requirements are that you must be able to receive text and image files) click here to see sample.

    Yearly Subscription Rate: $25.00 US

  • Professional Portfolio Review

    Description: While primarily designed for prospective students seeking advanced placement for the ToonMaker.com distance learning courses, this service is also available for those wanting a professional cartoonist’s opinion based on an evaluation of their cartoon art.

    Requirements. Individuals desiring this service should have from 12 to 24 samples/copies of their best original artwork for review. Preferably the samples should be organized and presented in a book or portfolio for review with an introductory cover letter. The samples may be mailed or shipped to ToonMaker.com. Note, good copies of your artwork are preferred to avoid the possibility of damage or loss of original art. In either case, a self addressed, stamped envelope, or prepaid return shipping arrangements, must be included with the samples for their return.

    Cost: $35.00 US

ToonMaker.com Products…  

The Best of Monday Funnies & More, by Jack Cassady

The Best of Monday Funnies and more by Jack CassadyDescription: The Monday Funnies is now in cartoon book form! Jack Cassady’s internet/e-mail feature showcases his own brand of humoresque which include cartoons and the daily funny bread of idiotic news, pompous pictures and stuff that the world cannot manage to hide from Cassady’s selective eye. It can now be appreciated via five chapters of Jack Cassady’s the Best of Monday Funnies & More – a classy, artfully done and kookily illustrated compendium of some of the cartoonist/writer’s best works.

Animal Tales From Jack Cassaday's Monday Funnies

Animal Tales by Jack CassadyDescription: This book is another result of my weekly cartoon/humor internet/e-mail feature, “Cassady’s Monday Funnies.” The purpose was to create “tail wagging” cartoons, especially for animal- and humor-loving readers. Animals play an important role in our lives, and they’ve become important actors in many of my cartoons. Sometimes they become cherished family members. Their antics and entertaining activities are the basis for many enjoyable moments, cleanups, and conversations. In this case, they provided the foundation for this cartoon humor book. I hope it brings you enjoyment, happiness, and pleasure. Remember, keep smiling and have fun with your pets.

Read More & Purchase the Books Here

Original Published Cartoon Art by Jack Cassady

Description: Black and white line art drawings and full color humorous illustrations are available for collectors and comic art fans. Drawings range in size from approximately 8"X10” to 9"X12” and are suitable for matting and framing. The sale of these items does not include the copyright to reproduce them without express written permission of the artist.


Black and White Line Art Cartoon Drawings: $130.00 US* (includes shipping). See sample image below.

B&W Humorous Illustrations by Jack Cassady

Just a Sample of Jack's Humorous Illustrations

Full Color Humorous Editorial Illustrations (mostly from Heartland Boating Magazine) $225.00 US* (includes shipping). See sample image below.

Note: *NC residents add 7% state sales tax.

Humorus Illustrations by Jack Cassady

Just a Sample of Jack's Humorous Illustrations

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