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Cassady Cartoons Published by the Mid South Cartoonists Association (MSCA)

January 8, 2021 - Jack Cassady recently had several of his animal themed gag cartoons published by the Mid South Cartoonists Association (MSCA) based in Memphis, TN.  The MSCA under the current leadership of Kevin Williams publishes a periodic cartoon comic on various themes. Jack was invited to publish some of his work.  Jack founded the organization back in 1987 when he lived in Memphis and was a grad student at the University of Memphis (aka Memphis State).  The organization has been the premier group of professional and amateur cartoonists, writers, collectors and enthusiasts in the mid-South area. The group meets monthly to discuss Toons and Tools. For more information see the www.midsouthcartoonists.org 

MSCA Cartoons by Jack Cassady

MSCA Cartoons by Jack Cassady

Jack's July Cartoon Portrait/Caricature Class shows off their Certificates and Artwork

Cartoon Portrait Class at Folk School

Jack's next week long class will be "Beginning Cartooning" scheduled for July 1-6, 2018. Please check the folk school catalog or on-line catalog under "Drawing" at www.folkschool.org.

Cassady Receives Cartoonist of the Year Award

Jack Cassady Receives Cartoonist of the Year Award 2016

Cartoonist and Humorous Illustrator John R. “Jack” Cassady was recently presented with the Jack Davis Award (Cartoonist of the year) for his life time achievements and contributions to the funny business and education of cartoon art. The award is named after the nation’s late premier humorous illustrator, cartoonist and avid Georgia Bulldog fan and Mad Magazine artist, Jack Davis. It was presented at the annual meeting of the Southeast Chapter of the National Cartoonists Society in Roanoke, VA. (The SE Chapter of the NCS is made up of professional cartoonists from about 10 states)

Cassady started cartooning at about age 5. He has lived in Cherokee county with his lovely wife and attack critters for 19 years. He’s an expert on the copyright law for visual communicators, former chairman of the Department of Sequential Art at Savannah College of Art and Design, Producer and host for the national Public TV Series “Funny Business, the Art in Cartooning” and regular contributor to Heartland Boating Magazine. His freelance visual humor has appeared in hundreds of national and international publications and books. His internet/email humor feature “Cassady’s MONDAY FUNNIES appears weekly and is available by subscription.

Cassady, a decorated and retired Army Officer with two combat tours with the Green Berets in Vietnam and Laos, teaches part time at the J.C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC.

Jack's week long Basic Cartooning Class at the J.C. Campbell Folk School completed in October 2015.

Basic Cartooning Class - Jack CassadyJack's week long Basic Cartooning Class at the J.C. Campbell Folk School, completed in October 2015, was a huge success.

Pictured next to their cartoon display are: Jack, Dana, Herman, Janis and Robert.

First Friday Art Walks

First Friday Art Walk - Murphy NCJack will be participating in the “First Friday Art Walks” in Murphy, NC starting in June. He’ll be drawing cartoons and cartoon portraits for donations to the local Valley River Humane Society Animal Shelter and Logan’s Run animal charities. He may be found in or near the Daily Grind Coffee/Wine Shop.

Pictured is Jack cartooning for the kids at the Art Walk

Jack's Current Teaching Schedule at the John C. Campbell Folk School for 2018

Jack’s scheduled John C. Campbell Folk School classes are as follows:

  • February 16-18, 2018: Drawing - "Caricature/Cartoon Portraits"

  • July 1-6, 2018: Drawing - "Beginning Cartooning"

Watch for additional classes and dates to be announced...

State Record Set for Longest Comic Strip (nearly 30 feet):

Cartooning Graduates at John C. Campbell Folk SchoolNC State Record for “the longest comic strip...” created by one of Jack’s talented classes.

A Kind Word by Cartoonist Scott Adams of “Dilbert” fame.

Scott Adams’ comic strip “Dilbert” appears daily in hundreds of newspapers world wide. His characters have also appeared in many books and motivational materials and are licensed for many uses. Dilbert has become a favorite of workers in the Corporate World. Scotts’ Dilbert also has a strong Internet presence. It was to his Internet fans that this letter was written.

Read Scott's letter here.

Tribute to unsung heroes of the funny business of cartooning.

In professional cartooning there are several ways for a cartoonist to come up with ideas. The first is to generate all of his/her ideas alone. Next, the cartoonist may exclusively use ideas generated by professional humor writers. Finally, the most common method used by active cartoonists is to generate their own ideas about half the time and to use gags submitted by professional writers the other half. While writers are compensated for the ideas a cartoonist sells, they rarely receive recognition for their creative products. They are truly unsung heroes of the funny business of professional cartooning.

Some of the talented writers Jack has worked with over the years include: Rex May, Lloyd Byers, Harald Bakken, Rex Stein, Coke Ellington, Norb Otto and others.

Comics Conventions

Each year throughout the U.S. a series of ComicCons appear in many different cities.  These Conventions usually celebrate Comics and Cartoon Art.  Visitors will find many booths displaying collections, original cartoon art and a wide array of other interesting subjects. Most ComicCons are family friendly and make for fun and informative outings.


General FAQs

When did you start Cartooning?

I started when I was about four or five years old.

What’s the best preparation for one who wants to be a Cartoonist?

Read, write and draw extensively.

Are all Political Cartoonists mean people?

Some of their targets think they are. However, most are just passionate about their ideas.

Are there Professional Organizations related to Cartooning?

Yes, there are a number of organizations catering to Cartooning and Cartooning specialties.

Are there Professional Publications or Journals associated with Cartooning?

Yes, there are a number of fine magazines, journals and newsletters related to Cartooning and Cartooning specialties.

Who is your favorite Cartoonist?

I don’t have one favorite cartoonist, rather a collection of many past and present Cartoonists whose work I’ve admired over many years.

Are most Cartoonists left handed?

Indeed, many are.

Does it cost much to get started Cartooning?

Start-up costs vary, but generally it’s only the cost of good paper, pencils and a few quality pens.

I’m incarcerated in a maximum security prison, can I be a Cartoonist?

One of the nice things about being a free-lance Cartoonist is that you can do it from nearly anywhere.

How does a Cartoonist get ideas?

Most Cartoonists get ideas from observing and listening to daily life. However, there’ve been rumors about a huge secret “idea computer” located in a secure underground installation somewhere near Seattle.

Is it difficult to sell a comic strip?

Yes, but like the lottery, you can’t win unless you play. Don’t quit your day job.

ToonMaker Course FAQs

Do you have to be able to “draw” to be a Cartoonist?

No, but it helps.

I want to take a course, but I’m not sure which one I should take first.

If you’ve had no previous art or design training, the best course to start with is the “Introduction to Cartoon Drawing and Lettering 100.”

How long will it take me to complete a ToonMaker.com course?

Most of the courses are designed with ten to twelve lessons. Students should be able to complete a course in a year or less. It really depends on your comfortable working speed.

I’d like to learn Cartooning and do it as a hobby. Would a ToonMaker.com course be right for me?

Yes. Whether you intend to Cartoon for a hobby or to eventually sell your work professionally, ToonMaker.com will get you started in the right direction.

I’ve had some drawing and painting classes. How do I find out if I’m eligible for “Advanced Placement”?

Contact Jack by email at ToonMaker.com and ask.

Will I receive grades for the lessons I complete in a ToonMaker.com course?

Standard letter grades are not used in the ToonMaker.com program. We’re more interested in you learning the appropriate process for the specialty or type of Cartooning you study. As with many things, practice leads to improvement.


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