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Here’s a showcase of different types of cartoon art, funny photos, samples, sketches and other visual expressions mostly by Jack. Described as an important part of American culture, cartoons are visual communications to the quick.

We'll periodically update our images, so check back soon...Enjoy!

Gag Cartoons...

are commonly found in magazines. They usually focus on humor and sometimes appear in newspapers and the internet. Frequently these cartoons are depicted in a single panel format.

Gag Cartoons by by Jack Cassdy 

"K9 Job Interview"

Spot Illustrations...

are amusing and sometimes elaborate drawings used in advertising, books, magazines, greeting cards, newspapers, TV and the internet. Often they’re used to support stories, articles, opinions, sales and greeting card messages.

Caricatures by Jack Cassaday 

"Flying Squirrel by Jack"


are exaggerated and often amusing cartoon portraits of people, celebrities or politicians conveying an attitude or expression of the subject.

Caricatures by Jack Cassady

"Chick's Funny Fotos"...
Chick's Funny Photos on Toonmaker.com

"This one's taken by Jack!"

Jack’s Photos and Fine Art...

2 & 3D creations and expressions over the years.

Photos by Jack Cassady 

"Crestview Sunset" by Jack

Sequential Art...

is a means of creative expression employing pictures, images and words to tell a story or dramatize an idea. It’s commonly found in comic strips, comic books, graphic novels or story boards.

Sequential Art & Comic Strips by Jack Cassady 

"Cure for Freelancing (Funny Business by Jack) !"

Rough Sketches and Drawings...

Most of these are preliminary drawings, practice or studies for later projects. They’re fast, spontaneous, and unfinished.

Rough Sketch by Jack Cassaday

"Knitters by Jack"

ToonMaker’s Student Showcase...

This space is for the display of ToonMaker’s student work…

cartoon by Steve Robbins

Cartoonist Steve Robbins introduces Comic Strip "Fido!" Fido strip by Steve Robbins. Prof. Robbins is also a published author, most recent title, The True History
of ALDOPIUS CALEDONIA and the Lost Ciphers and Journals of Lewis Carroll

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